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This web site started as a place for me to organize some of my artwork, both paintings and art quilts.  But now my work is starting to pile up, and I’m ready to share it and let it go. 
All my paintings are original works on heavyweight acrylic paper or on wood panels. I use acrylic paint, collage, and a variety of mark making tools. Finally, all are finished with  gloss medium and a satin varnish for protection. 
There are so many issues that seem overwhelming nowadays. I believe following one’s own passion, gut, calling, whatever you call it, is so important.  Of course, the real prize (I continue to hear about) is the connection with others through kindness, unselfish generosity, and beauty.  My desires to make art and explore the great outdoors seems to be my calling.  I hope it continues to connect me with  kind, generous, beautiful people.

I hope you will visit this site regularly to not only watch me develop my art story, but also perhaps purchase somethings that inspires you or brings you joy.  Enjoy!

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