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I love the process of making art.  From the first marks,  adding layers, and then the final touches. I am not worried. I am not rushed. I can let go, play and explore.

My formal education (oh so long ago) is in Horticulture with a focus in Landscape Design.  Landscaping combined my love of the outdoors with my desire to create beautiful things.  I also fell in love with sewing and for many years I made art quilts, took quilting classes, and attended art retreats. I went back to college to earn an additional Associate Degree in Art.


Then in the summer of 2020 (a crazy time indeed and I needed a distraction), I started working with acrylic paints. It sparked a new way to express my creative self.   I love the freedom when applying the paint in an intuitive manner.  I step back, observe, paint over what I don't like and add more of what I do.  I want the colors and composition of my paintings  to bring the viewer closer.  Step in.  Step through.  Escape for a few minutes.  Imagine before identifying.   

I hope you enjoy exploring this site and my art work. Please click on the Contact tab if you are interesting in purchasing any of the art or have a nice comment.

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